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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Oct 2, 2004 1:39am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: 0f His Wonderful Nature:

If I were a singing man, I'd sing you the Psalm of Saddam Hussein then you too would know of his wonderful nature and love him as we do.

But as I am a plain blunt man, who possesses no muse or voice of song, I can only tell you with plain blunt facts why it is that you should love Saddam Hussein.

0f his wonderful nature, that was not reserved only for Iraqi's but extended to the whole world, I will tell you now with these two, true, plain and simple facts: In 1979 Saddam Hussein's largesse even extended to an Afro/American church in Detroit MI, to which he donated $250.000. The following year the Iraqi President proved to be even more generous to a Jewish crippled childrens hospital in NYC giving them $500.000.

The question for today is then. How was Saddam evil? Was he evil when he helped poor negroes,who are constantly being victimized by the racist establishment in America? Was he evil in his attempt to help crippled children? What evil thing did such a wonderful light to this world do, that he deserved killing, at the hands of a drunken, drug-addicted, whore chasing, louse like that worthless maggot Bush.

Think about it friends. Is it not written, "GOD SHALL JUDGE THE QUICK & THE DEAD".

Rid yourselves of these blind leaders, with FASCISM O4!!!!!

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